Bounty Hunter Time Ranger Review

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Product Overview

The Bounty Hunter Time Ranger is a top of the shelf metal detector. Treasure hunters and metal collectors who are looking to apply a convenient metal detector that has the capability of detecting everything will go for this. You will discover a lot of benefits if you use this metal detector for your operations in collecting the pieces of treasure they are lined to collect.

It is reliable with some great features that the user will find very useful in their activities. All the users who purchase the metal detecting equipment have nothing but good feedback on its operations.


Mode – The metal detector has a sniff mode that eliminates unnecessary items such as trash while detecting other metals. It is so specific in ways that will allow the hunter to understand what metal they will be digging and how deep the metal is. The detector tests for the metal type by testing on electrical conductivity. It also has an all metal mode that detects metals even in water as it has a waterproof search coil and SMART TRAC computerized ground balance to achieve maximum depth without affecting other target ID and other discrimination modes.  The users can switch through the modes to assist in proper metal detection as they go about their metal detecting activities.

Advanced in detection – The time ranger metal detector can detect any form of metal as it is highly sensitive to any metal that might be beneath the ground surface. It has a large LCD screen that displays possible target type, depth and status at all times.  Time ranger can also determine type of metal by measuring its electrical conductivity. The information is displayed on the LCD screen as a number from 1 to 299. This is useful in ensuring no time is wasted on possible metals that end up being trash. If the beeping sound goes off from either the headphones or the speakers the metal detector automatically test for conductivity. Trash will have no number between the 1 and 299.

Depth detector- The hunters will be sure no time will be wasted in digging for a piece of treasure without necessarily knowing how deep they will have to dig. The LCD screen will clearly display how deep the coin, gold, silver or any other form of metal will be found.  It can detect coins for about 9 to 11 inches under the ground which ensures certainty when digging for the treasure. Previous users have spoken of its accuracy in terms of how deep the piece of treasure can be found.

It is efficient

Unlike other metal detectors hunters using the Time Ranger are sure of sufficient results and if they are specific on what they are extracting they will find this equipment best. It can clearly indicate what type of metal they will be digging for. If the piece of metal they are digging for is within a certain bracket of number ranging from 1 to 299 displayed on the LCD screen they can easily confirm once the beeping sound goes off. Once they understand how to operate the metal detector they will find it easy to use towards efficient results.

Keen on accuracy

The Bounty Hunter Time Ranger is very keen on details, the LCD screen has calibrations on depth and metal type that assist the user in finding out what they extracting. If one is to collect they will know what to expect once they start digging and in what amounts they will dig out.

Long life batteries

The Time Ranger has long life as it comes with a pair of 9 volts rectangular alkaline batteries that are functional for more than 20 hours one won’t have to constantly worry of the battery inconveniencing them in their hunting escapades.

Other features

The metal detector delivers awesome results this is due to the perfect features it has. The metal detector is ranked among the best metal detectors. As stated earlier the metal detector exists in four versions that are slightly different. The first version when powered up it immediately performs an air measurement then it enters the programming method. The second version has the co-relator mounted manually inside otherwise it operates almost similar to version 1. The 3rd version uses dual C-cell batteries instead of the 9 volt alkaline batteries whereas the fourth version is quite difficult in several areas and it powers up ready to hunt. The four versions were released on different time frames with the fourth version being the most recent release.


The Time Ranger is most convenient and it delivers appropriately. Feedback from buyers shows that the metal detector has served them efficiently.

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Bounty Hunter Time Ranger Review
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