Bounty Hunter Gold Digger Review

Bounty Hunter Gold Digger Metal Detector

  • Dimensions: 6 x 9 x 20.5 inches
  • Includes headphones and a 1/8in jack
  • Coin-size objects up to 6in underground

Product Overview

The Bounty Hunter is metal detecting equipment that is mostly used by children and teenagers in finding coins or small metallic pieces that might have disappeared. It is advised for the age bracket since in most cases they will not mind the missing display screen that might be used for displaying the depth or in signaling the mass of metal that can be found beneath the earth surface.

Users will find this metal detector convenient in finding small lost equipment’s or in detecting metal.


Mode– Most users will find the equipment convenient it however has a drawback in that the user cannot switch through modes during the metal detection process they will be limited to one form of operation. The metal detector comes with headphones that the user can use to listen out for any sounds that can be heard if the detector detects metal. Experienced users who mind the noises that can be heard through the headphones during the metal detection process can set the discriminator dial manually.

Advanced in detection – Unlike other metal detectors the Bounty Hunter Gold Digger has no advanced detection as it is designed for use by children or amateurs looking to gain basic metal detection techniques. The detection method for this metal detector across the board is the beeping sound that can be heard if the detector detects any metal.With time the metal hunters will get familiar to the beeping sound and they can easily separate trash from metal with the different sounds that the metal detector tones out. Improvised versions of the Bounty Hunter Gold Digger metal detector are improvised in ways that they can eliminate the trash from the metal only beeping when they detect metal.

Depth detector – The metal detector can detect small pieces of metal on the surface it can also detect metallic objects up to 2 feet deep and small metallic objects such as coin that are up to 6 feet deep. It can sufficiently search through the ground for small coins or small metallic parts that the user might want to use elsewhere. Lack of the display screen serves as a disadvantage; the metal hunter cannot enjoy the luxury of knowing how much metal is 2 feet deep with the beep alone. The beep is the same for large metal masses and small coins.

Cheap for purchase

The metal detector is affordable and unlike other metal detectors or firsthand look up for lost metallic equipment’s it serves conveniently. Buyers can be sure that they will find whatever they might have lost if they use the metal detector to look for it around where they lost it. It has a beeping sound that will go off once it detects the metal. Children who collect coins or have lost coins have found use of the equipment convenient registering in awesome results in their searching escapades. First hand search for small metallic equipment’s might prove tedious for the user who will spend a lot of energy and strain their eyes in looking for the small piece of metal in the ground they might have lost it.

Convenient for carrying

The Bounty Hunter Gold Digger is made of light weight material and it has an ergonomic handle that allows the user to sweep around without getting tired. The headphones can be placed around the user’s neck as the user goes around detecting the lost metal piece.

Works efficiently with batteries

Users of this metal detector will have to use 9 volt alkaline batteries which can be purchased in the retail shops where they sell the metal detectors. The batteries are cheap and fixing them is relevantly easy for anybody looking to use the Bounty Hunter Gold Digger.

Easy to use

Most buyers will find the metal detector very easy to use with very simple built in features and minor setups that will be needed before the user starts using the equipment. The only setup that the buyer will have to do is fixing the batteries in the metal detector and connecting the headphones. This requires basic common knowledge for one to execute the setup before they begin using the metal detector. The beeping sound will decrease if the batteries get drained which will require replacing the batteries with new fresh 9 volt alkaline batteries.

Other features

Other minor features that add up to the above features include the following. The metal detector can conveniently be used in soil or beach. It is designed to stand the beach temperatures provided the batteries are not exposed to water. If they are exposed to water they will end up leaking which will require replacement.


Metal hunters looking to find metal detecting equipment that they can use as a start up in their detecting operations are advised to purchase the Bounty Hunter Gold Digger which is easy to use and serves its purpose efficiently.

Bounty Hunter Gold Digger Metal Detector

  • Dimensions: 6 x 9 x 20.5 inches
  • Includes headphones and a 1/8in jack
  • Coin-size objects up to 6in underground
  • Easy to Use
  • Features
  • Price