Bounty Hunter BHJS Junior Metal Detector Review

Bounty Hunter BHJS Junior Metal Detector

  • Weight - 1.5 pounds
  • Length - 20.5 inches - 31.5 inches
  • Coil Size - 6.5 inch weather resistant coil
  • Visual battery life indicator

Product Overview

The Bounty Hunter Junior metal detector is one of a kind detector that amateurs and children with interest in collecting coins might find suitable for their needs. It is quite affordable and offers an excellent range of services with its incorporated features.

Use of the detector is also simple on purchase and out of the box setup is not complicated. With read ups of the manual, the user can quickly and efficiently put in the 9V batteries that power the metal detector. It is made of light material that makes it convenient to carry around.

This detector is designed mostly for amateurs with interest of finding simple metal materials and not professional treasure hunters.


Mode – The metal detector operates on a single mode that is the beeping sound. It comes with earphones that the user can use to listen in to any piece of metal. Parents might find this amazing for their kids who have interest in coin collection. The tone easily detects any piece of metal and the intensity of the beeps varies with how close the user gets to the metallic material. The automatic beeping sound can however be regulated.

Advanced in detection–This metal detector has a discrimination control that eliminates any unwanted metals. The target meter measures material strength with a beep. The meter is calibrated to certain levels and a metal hunter will definitely know if they are to find metal. Below a certain meter range, it will be certain that the hunter will find trash instead of metal.

Depth detection – The metal detector is designed for children looking to collect coins. It is therefore not as improvised as other metal detectors in terms of depth detection. It can however detect any metal material from coin sized object up to 5 inches deep and larger objects up to 3 feet deep. A parent that bought the metal detector for their children tested for its depth detection by burying coins in the ground that their child found within a short time also finding other metallic materials that were present in their land.

It is affordable

This metal detector is affordable and on purchase, the user will get headphones that they will use to listen in on any possible beep from the metallic items beneath ground. Purchase also comes with batteries that are long lasting and might still detect metallic objects even when they are about to run dry.

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Easy to use

The detector is very easy to use and it also comes with a manual for anybody looking to find any relevant instructions that might not be of basic knowledge. It is basically designed for amateurs or children looking to find coins hence the easy to use build up.

Light in terms of weight

The detector is made of easy to carry material that is strong enough to stand any form of fall and it is also an all-weather metal detector that the user can use efficiently as they go about the hunting escapades. It also has a compact size that is easy to carry around and very convenient for children.

Other features

This metal detector has a wide range of features that are incorporated to supplement the major features. This will enable the user to have an awesome experience as they hunt for the coins or metallic materials. It has a target detector that measures material strength and the signal tends to increase in volume as the target gets closer.



Amateurs or parents looking to purchase a convenient metal detector for their kids to introduce them to metal hunting should consider this easy to use affordable metal detector.

Bounty Hunter BHJS Junior Metal Detector

  • Weight - 1.5 pounds
  • Length - 20.5 inches - 31.5 inches
  • Coil Size - 6.5 inch weather resistant coil
  • Visual battery life indicator
  • Easy to Use
  • Features
  • Price