13 Best Underwater Metal Detectors of 2020 – (Reviews and Guide)

Underwater Metal detectors are among the pro-level devices and therefore quite an investment to make. They usually cost figures close to and upwards of $1,000. These devices are commonly amphibious being partly able to function in water and on land. The most important features for these devices is the depth they can scan underwater.

What happens when you introduce a metal detector to a wet surface? That is when waterproof metal detectors earn their value, with many of them able to be fully submersed. This completely opens up the way most users search for valuables and introduces them to a lot of new features. There is a lot of competition in this category, with brands delivering where it matters the most.

These detectors are among the best you can get so you can be assured of the quality of these we have in our review section here below!

Underwater Metal Detector Reviews

Underwater Metal Detectors Comparison
Top Rated

Fisher CZ21-8 Underwater Metal Detector

  • Dimensions: 12 x 6 x 21 inches
  • Dual Frequency Fourier Domain Signal Analysis
  • One touch Pinpoint

Tesoro Sand Shark Underwater Metal Detector

  • Dimensions: 21.1 x 11.5 x 4.7 inches
  • Depth rated to Depth 200 Feet
  • Average battery life is 10 – 20 hours

Garrett Sea Hunter Mark II Underwater Detector

  • Dimensions: 26.5 x 12.4 x 3.3 inches
  • Audio Threshold, Adjustable
  • Pulse Induction technology

Fisher 1280-X Aquanaut Metal Detector

  • Coil Size 10″ coil
  • Leakproof to 250 feet
  • Up to 75 hours of battery life

NHI Metal Detector Starter Kit

  • High Accuracy
  • 5 in 1 digging tool
  • 72 page beginners guide book

Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV Metal Detector

  • 3-Position Mode Switch
  • Target Strength Meter
  • Sensitivity Control

INTEY Metal Detector

  • Low battery indicator- Red spotlight
  • Discrimination-Iron, pull ring, zinc and coppers
  • Battery backup- 2 battery bin

Fisher CZ21-8

Fisher CZ21-8Fisher recommends it for beach hunting shallow water or lake hunting and surfing or diving. The latter two are because of the fact that the device can be submersed in water to a depth of 250 feet. The MD can work in both salty and fresh water, it is a Pulse induction technology machine that works on dual frequency and that is 5 kHz and 15 kHz. In this respect, it has a Fourier domain signal analysis feature. The 8”*10” search coil really outdoes itself.

Its functionality is user friendly as it is finished with the use of touch buttons. There is vco no option and precise pinpointing for enhanced precision during hunting. The device also offers easy manual ground balance for use in virtually any place regardless of the mineral content in soil for instance. It has an all metal audio tune mode that detects very many metal with a large target alert and a faint target audio boost to give you an upper hand while sweeping. A 3 tone audio target identification also boosts those specs. As if not enough, the option of removing the control housing for belt mount is also available.

Tesoro Tiger Shark

Tesoro Tiger SharkThe detector uses microprocessor technology to provide amazing water and land specs. The 6lbs device has an 8” open-faced concentric search coil which is suitable for coin and relic hunting just like any other land use detector. The coil on this model can be interchanged with 7” and 10” ones for your convenience as the user. The shark works at a frequency of 12.5 kHz. It is waterproof up to 200ft thereby allowing its use by divers and surfers. For diving, the center pole will just be removed and voila! No need for buying another pole.

The pole has two mounting positions for balance and 3-piece hip mountable breakdown pole for versatility in surfing and ease of storage and transportation. It uses 2 AA alkaline batteries which are included in the purchase with battery lives of 10-2- hours. The drop-in design of putting the batteries in the device implies no leads to break which is really good to know. There is a switch for testing the battery. The audio can be switched to silent or an adjustable threshold tone.

Garret Sea Hunter MK-2

Garret Sea Hunter MK-2This is one device that comes packaged for the detecting enthusiast like no other. The Scuba mate box has the divers in mind. There is a headphone jack for use with the underwater headphones which can be submerged up to 200ft. there are knobs for adjusting discrimination or trash elimination and sensitivity, threshold and power levels. The box also has straps for attaching it to a wetsuit.

The detector can be configured in four ways: the long stem with variants based on the location of the scuba mate box i.e. at the cuff, waist and at the top and a short stem for diving. The 3lbs device can be submerged to 200ft and works on a microprocessor tech with advanced pulse discrimination capability.

Fisher 1280-X Aquanaut

Fisher 1280-X AquanautIt comes with a 10” search coil with an automatic turn-on-and-go operation for easy use and a 2 year warranty that will make you want to have it. It can work in salt water, fresh water and on land. It is leak proof until 250 feet are reached. For the underwater use, a belt mount can be used. Aside from these, it has a patented quartz—crystal circuitry that offers up to 75 hours of battery life and ignores small pieces of trash by discrimination. It uses a target strength LED.

NHI Metal Detector Starter Kit

NHI Metal Detector Starter KitThis low priced NHI metal detector starter kit is marketed towards beginners that want to learn the ins and outs of the craft. It has a lot of comfort features so that you can use it for hours without strain. But the star of the show is the thick beginners guide book that comes in the package. This is the best introduction to metal detector use on the market, and although it is made for kids/juniors, adults can still get a lot of use out of the set. With a two year warranty attached, this is a great deal for all ages.

The waterproof coil detects all metals, even gold nuggets. You can eliminate unwanted targets using the discrimination function. Since the set comes with a multi-function folding shovel and pinpointer, there is a higher chance of you finding the correct materials rather than wasting time on incorrect objects. Batteries last a long time, with the hard to miss low battery indicator always in plain view when needed. Going into deeper waters isn’t a problem since the stem is waterproof, something that is considered a major feature for a metal detector this low priced. As a package, this starter kit from NHI comes highly recommended for daily use.

Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV Metal Detector

Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV Metal DetectorThe Tracker IV is available as a base unit or as a starter set. Base unit pricing makes the TK4 one of the lowest metal detectors in the waterproof category, while the starter set puts it at an average price. Key features for the base model is the two tone audio and ruggedness of the metal construction. It was built for tough environments so will be able to take a lot more punishment than competitor products. Other useful modes are the all-metal and discrimination mode, with the latter reaching its full usefulness when paired with the superior ground balance.

Buyers that opt to purchase the starter kit get the base metal detector plus headphones, a carrying bag, pinpointer and pouch/trowel combo kit. The headphones are the big surprise of it all since Bounty Hunter chose to go with their more popular Head-PL models. They are padded and comfortable, and completely compatible with all Bounty Hunter metal detectors that aren’t in the junior family. In fact, the headphones make the package a lot more attractive if you want to use it in headphones only mode. Either version of the Tracker IV is a winner since the price is so accommodating to customers.

INTEY Metal Detector

INTEY Metal DetectorAnother low priced metal detector that is worth investing in is this starter set from INTEY. The all metal mode is high powered enough to make it viable for any terrain. This also applies to beach and shallow water hunting by using the waterproof stem with adjustable coil. Discrimination mode comes with multiple features that makes prioritizing a target much easier. Iron, zinc/1 cent, coppers and pull rings are all part of the setup when discriminating metals. The pinpointer feature is helpful when used with the disc option, and should save you time when targeting objects that are deep in the ground or water.

Since the stem is adjustable, you can have it match your height or extend it to reach lower in the water. Extras bundled with the kit include a carrying bag, multi-function folding shovel and a complete user guide. A hidden specialty of this model is how it handles batteries with the backup feature. One 9 volt battery is needed to start operations, but there is a slot for a second one to serve as a backup when the first one fails. Consumers can depend on this feature so that they are never in a bad position while searching for objects. Although a lot of the features of this starter kit can be found in other models, the price and intelligent battery usage makes it worth a buy.

Goplus MD-4030 Underground Metal Detector

Goplus MD-4030 Underground Metal DetectorGoplus specializes in low priced metal detectors that incorporates several mid to high tier features. The MD-4030 is their best waterproof model, and also the most recommended metal detector in its price class. Build quality is solid, using a steel frame with pp handle to comfort the user without compromising the durability of the device. Everything is powered by two 9 volt batteries, using a max of only 70 mA when at full power. The standby power usage of 10 mA is a big deal by letting users keep the same battery for months without needing to swap out. A lot of that has to do with the low frequency, but it is still an impressive feat for a waterproof metal detector.

The control panel is traditional, meaning it is two knobs, a button and a meter. This is as simplistic as you can get, so it gains a lot of favoritism from beginners. Experienced users that are nostalgic about the old metal detector interfaces will also find it to be pleasing to the eye, or at the very least the closest modern equivalent to the older devices. Operational modes are listed as all metal and disc, so the basic two modes on all metal detectors. There is a headphone jack that outputs simple tones when near a target, so good headphones are recommended. Sometimes simple is better, and that is why the MD-4030 is a great low power metal detector for all users.

ZAAP Metal Detector

ZAAP Metal DetectorZaap is an interesting company that is in direct competition with Goplus. They are also part of the low cost metal detector movement, and have produced several notable models. This particular device borrows heavily from their past successes, starting with the much loved two tone audio mode. It pairs well with the 3.5 earphone jack if you use quality headphones. The jack is worth mentioning since a few brands in the industry have gone to proprietary headphone options. ZAAP makes it easier for the average customer to attach a great pair of headphones to their metal detector while searching in noisy areas.

Both freshwater and saltwater are supported by the 8 inch waterproof search coil. That is a surprising inclusion when you consider the low price of this product and compare it to the competition with similar features. The entire coil and stem is weather resistant, and both the stem and discrimination modes have multiple adjustment settings. Zaap went with a meter and two knobs for their control panel, but also added additional buttons at the bottom to support light customization options with the search- once again, surprising in its price category. Buyers are getting a great value with this metal detector, which is one of the better buys in the entire industry.

Minelab Excalibur 2 1000 Garden

Minelab Excalibur 2 1000 GardenThe device uses a unique Broad Band Spectrum technology (BBS) which works at frequencies ranging from 1.5 kHz to 25.5 kHz. It is described as an amphibious machine owing to the fact that it is ideal for both land and water. It can be used in salty water thanks to a superior ground rejecting feature and underwater depths of up to 200ft deep. It can also work for the beach and wet sand because of the ground cancelling; forget about ground mineral content.

The device has Receive Coil Boost (RCB) which amplifies target signals inside the coil which are weak thereby reducing the noise and finding weak strength or signal targets. It also has high visibility fluorescent body works for enhanced visibility underwater and a skid plate with the same feature. There is a side mount shaft which can be used when sweeping on shallow waters such that it can be done as surf-wading. This one is available as an accessory which is optional. It works using a Nickel MH rechargeable battery pack that lasts for almost 12 hours.

Garret Infinium LS

Garret Infinium LSGarrett sells it as a waterproof device that works well in shallow waters and beaches and for depths of up to 200ft when using submersible headphones. The device sports a 10”*14” DD submersible search coil. Purchase includes two alkaline AA batteries that are good to go and headphones for use on land. It also has an instructional DVD to make your work of learning easier.

It has an all metal Deep seeking mode which guarantees the identification of every single metal as a target. The audio tone ID can help you determine which one to go after and it is adjustable too. It has top-notch discrimination and works using the latest pulse induction (PI) technology. It works at full frequency range of the technology which for this one is 96 frequencies. Other features include an adjustable ground balance for ease of use literally anywhere on earth, automatic ground tracking for the same purpose and hip mount control and belt. It equally has box microprocessor controlled salt elimination, a feature in PI devices that makes it easier to use in salty waters and mount PC board technology.

Garret AT Pro

Garret AT ProThis detector is versatile and though made for the land, can be submerged, with the control box, for up to 10ft. underwater headphones might be a wise buy in such a case as the ones included are for use on land.

The product features electronic pinpointing for precise location of the target and speedy recovery. It also has accept/reject discrimination for modification of discrimination patterns. There is continuous depth indication for coins and other targets. The device has sic search modes which can be customized or preset. There is also an expanded target identification legend which is easy to read above a large LCD screen.

Read more about Garret AT Pro here.

Garrett ACE 200 Metal Detector

The dependable waterproof coil of the Ace 200 is exactly what you need when searching water is an option. It is 6.5×9, so more than enough to cover land or water areas. The Ace 200 starter kit is a mid to high price choice that comes with a lot of useful extras. While using the Garrett Treasure Sound headphones you’ll notice it gives clear tones in noisy areas. They are comfortable to wear for extended periods of time, while also being useful as stereo headphones. Currently these are the second best pair of headphones from the Garrett brand.

The instruction manual is full of useful information for all levels of users, with the company making it a point to prioritize the usefulness of the light weight and waterproof coil. Four AA batteries are included and should last a couple of months without needing to be changed. They are branded, but it is the low power consumption of the Ace 200 that makes them last so long. As long as you stick to branded batteries when replacing the originals, you can expect similar performance. This starter set does a good job of being a reliable choice for users that want a waterproof metal detector.

Underwater Metal Detector Buying Guide

Best Underwater Metal DetectorBrands

Brands in the waterproof metal detector category are strong performers when submersed. They are made to have the most advantages when searching for objects on the beach, lakes, ocean and or other areas with water. There are a lot of low priced products in this category, which is a big difference from the professional category that has mostly high priced models. Variety in the brands is also big in this category, and you’ll find a lot of new and old names that don’t pop up in other lists. Zaap is one of those small names that pops up, and their product is a surprising value worthy of a purchase.

Best Features

Waterproof metal detectors have a lot more to offer than their ability to be used in wet areas. Some of these features are even favored by professionals.

Waterproof Stem – Not only is the search coil waterproof, but so is the stem. Adjustable stems let you extend your range in wet areas to find more treasure.

Low Price – Most of the products in this category have a low price tag. Even if you choose a starter kit, the price of the kit is still lower than other models.

Freshwater& Saltwater Usage – Waterproof metal detectors can go in both types of water without getting damaged. It’s still important to check for saltwater usage, since some models don’t support it.

Weather Resistance – Waterproof models are naturally strong in rainy weather. Advanced models also incorporate other weatherproof features to round out the durability of the product.

Battery Backup – Users that are tired of having to swap out batteries while searching can rest easy with the battery backup feature. It stores an unused extra battery in the device and activates it when the original loses power.


Best Underwater Metal DetectorSome models keep the coil wire enclosed within the stem (Zaap) while others have the coil visibly wrapping around the stem. There is no danger in the coil wire being exposed, with plenty of those types being fully submersible. Other than the coil look, there are not a lot of big differences in the designs. Some color variations will pop up, but nothing that stands out from the average metal detector. The control panel is where a lot of the differences are seen, since there is a mixture of LCD and traditional meter layouts. As a result the control panels for both types are a lot less cluttered than other metal detectors.

What Should You Look For In A Waterproof Metal Detector?

Plenty of up to date features define the many pros of owning a waterproof metal detector. With all of the choices available, things can get confusing when making a purchase. Here are a few of the features that should be prioritized when buying a waterproof metal detector.

Water Depth – Find out how deep the product can go in the water. It’s also important to note if the stem is submersible. The deeper the metal detector can go in the water, then the better chance you have of searching hard to reach areas.

Audio Support – Models that have support for enhanced audio are better equipped to handle wet conditions. Even two tone audio is an improvement over the default, with or without the use of headphones.

Water Type Support – Saltwater support is not always handled by waterproof metal detectors. Having support for it is a big plus and keeps you from damaging the product. Using an unsupported metal detector in saltwater will damage it or give you false readings.

Starter Sets

Best Underwater Metal DetectorThe importance of starter sets is sometimes underplayed for water metal detectors. Any set with a pinpointer, headphones or multi-function shovel will put you in a much better starting position (if you don’t have any of those materials). Headphones in particular are needed when working in water areas due to the amount of activity. Even if the set doesn’t come with headphones, it will more than likely have support for enhanced audio. This is important not only for detection, but also for discrimination functions. Any included pinpointer is useful and will go a long way in saving you time while searching in water.

The Importance Of A Good Locking System

Locking systems for waterproof metal detectors play a role in keeping the stem stable. If the stem is submersible, then it is doubly important that the locking system is strong enough to keep the entire system together. A bad lock will throw off the balance of the metal detector, leading to false readings. In a worst case scenario, a strong current could knock the stem apart from the coil. Garret is a nice choice with their Camlock feature for all of the major series. They even sell it separately in case you want a backup. This is unique to Garrett, so buyers may want to take that into consideration when making a buying decision.

Does Length Matter?

Longer isn’t always better, although it will let you reach farther when going underwater. A longer stem will let you reach new areas, but consumers should take other things into consideration;

Balance – Metal detectors that don’t balance out their weight will either be bottom heavy or top heavy. Bottom heavy means that the search coil is the heaviest part of the product. This will cause arm fatigue when using it for a couple of hours. Top heavy means the control panel is the bulk of the weight, which in turn will hurt your shoulder. Having a long stem is always preferred, but it needs to balance out the weight evenly across the metal detector.

Locking System – It was discussed before how a locking system is an essential part of owning a metal detector. For devices with long stems, it is a must to have a competent locking system. The longer stem means that a metal detector is more prone to breakage and weight distribution issues. A locking system can ease the pains of these cons to a certain extent, and also save you the headache of needing to do a repair.

Replacement Stems Are Rare – Lower durability from a longer stem needs to be taken into account if you prefer to do your own repairs. There are not a lot of brands that sell the part by itself, so if a particular model has a history of low quality stems, it is better to go with a shorter but proven stem length from a better model.


Best Underwater Metal DetectorWhen it comes to going under the waters, one has to be certain that the device in question is actually waterproof. Many devices out there claim to have this functionality but tend to be only semi-waterproof. What do I mean? Well, some devices only have waterproof materials coating them externally bad then claim to be waterproof.

Thing is the components that comprise the machine are not and therefore there is a limit in the depth they can withstand underwater. Such devices are useful for wading in shallow waters such as beaches and swamps that are very shallow. They cannot therefore be used for scuba diving or surfing or even at sea. Their surfaces will give in to the waters.

The second thing about them is the technology at play. While most underwater devices function in pulse induction technology (save for the Excalibur which runs on Broadband), the semis work on very low frequency (VLF) technology. The perk here is that pulse induction (PI) is an advanced technology that offers greater depths of discrimination and sensitivity by far in comparison to VLF. Having a VLF masquerading as a PI will get you nowhere as the demands will be too great for it to achieve.

The PI can scan sea beds for deeply seated metals that have been buried down by sand over time while VLFs will merely just comb the surface. This is a major setback that will definitely get you thinking twice about the product to purchase.


Most of the common brands have at least one true underwater device. Each one has its strengths when put up against the other and therefore none really stands out to create a line of these devices only. Be on the lookout therefore for amazing deals such as warranty on goods and parts for periods of time at least longer than two years since you are paying for it anyways. You should also ensure that the display is user-friendly enough to be used underwater. You could also follow up and find the ones with lights or enhanced visibility under seas because you know the benefits of being actually able to see where you are detecting.


A pulse induction search coil that is amphibious is a cool thing. Not only can it comb deep sea beds of salty water, but can also search land with unmatched capacity. This can prove to be quite a catch for any one. When out hunting, you will realize that most brands bear this in mind hence have created ways of modifying the device to suit this. The control box can for instance be detached and tied to the arm or waist underwater then detached to be reattached to the shaft when on land. This is an enviable and unmatched plus when the devices are put to task.

On the audio, does the device have a way of notifying you of the target in a way you can actually hear? Does it vibrate or ring? Is this possible underwater too? If not, will the headphones work? Are the headphones part of the purchase? All these are questions that define a wise buyer.

Underwater Metal Detector Comparison Chart

Metal DetectorWeight Dimensions WarrantyRating
Fisher CZ21-86.6 pounds 12 x 6 x 21 in2 Year 9
Tesoro Sand Shark6.35 pounds 21.1 x 11.5 x 4.7 inManufacturers9
Garrett Sea Hunter Mark II3.2 pounds 26.5 x 12.4 x 3.3 inManufacturers9
Fisher 1280-X Aquanaut4 pounds N/AManufacturers9
NHI Metal Detector Starter Kit2.65 pounds 24.1 x 7.5 x 5.1 inManufacturers8
Bounty Hunter TK43.7 pounds 28.2 x 10 x 6.2 in5 Year 9
INTEY Metal Detector5.3 pounds 20.9 x 9.1 x 6.9 inManufacturers8
Goplus MD-40303.1 pounds 23 x 22 x 9 inManufacturers7
ZAAP Metal Detector 2.4lbs 6.7 x 14 x 22 in Manufacturers9


So before you make a buying decision on the best underwater metal detector you have to read metal metal detector reviews and read our buying guide so you can find the best fit for your needs.