American Hawks Explorer2 Metal Detector LCD

American Hawks Explorer2 Metal Detector

  • Dimensions: 34 x 6 x 10 inches
  • Frequency: 6.6 kHz approx
  • Two 9V batteries required (included)

Product Overview

The American Hawk Explorer 2 metal detector is a mid-range detector suitable for anyone looking to start collecting metal or any metal pieces. From veterans, beginners to children who have interest in metal collection. It is money and therefore within reach for most interested buyers.

The metal detector comes with a one year warranty, a carry bag and headphones which are definitely a good deal for the price it retails at.


Mode – The metal detector has three modes of operations which the user can choose from when going about any metal detection procedure. These modes include: all metal mode, motion discrimination and auto notch filter. In the all metal mode the metal detector will detect any metal object, sensitivity in this mode can be adjusted and in ground balance the metal detector will be fully automatic. Motion discrimination mode will have the metal detector emit different tones depending on the type of metal it detects. In the final mode, the detector will automatically display the type of object found, in the three modes the sensitivity levels can be adjusted and in ground balance, the detector will switch to automatic mode.

Advanced in detection – Users of this metal detector boast of efficient and advanced detection as the three different modes allow the user to easily know what type of metal they will collect. This is time saving more or so for collectors who are specific in the type of metal they will be collecting. The motion discrimination mode ensures the collector understands what amount of metal they will be collecting with the varying signal changes.

Depth detector – The American Hawk Explorer 2 metal detector has an LED screen that assists in avoiding unnecessary digging and hunting. It shows the depth of the metal clearly showing what type of metal is beneath. This is convenient and time saving as any interested collector will find collection and extraction relevantly simple. If they collect knowing how deep the metal is and the mass that is expected with the varying signal strength that the motion discrimination mode shows which varies with the mass of metal that is to be found beneath.


Buyers will find the headphones that come with purchase of this metal detector convenient. The purpose of the headphones is to listen out for any tones that might be heard if the detector comes above ground with metal below. Other metal detectors will need the hunter to buy their own set of headphones which might be expensive and in other cases not compatible to the metal detector which in turn leads to other unplanned for costs.

Cost friendly

The metal detector boasts of having exclusive features that might not be found in other metal detectors that might be expensive. The features are easy to understand whether they are amateurs in metal detecting operations or veterans. For the purchase price it comes with a carry bag that ensures it is safe from any form of interference that may hinder perfect operations or possible damage. It also comes with a long life battery that ensures the collector can go about metal collection without having to worry of the battery running dry.

Easy to use

This metal collector has user friendly features that the user can quickly adapt to. The beeping sound and the LED screen are leading and any collector can easily relate to their use. On purchase the buyer might get a manual but inquiring on areas that might seem oblique will assist in ensuring the user uses the metal detector as required.

Efficient modes

The three modes that the user can switch to are efficient in ensuring proper time usage. The collector can easily understand what form of collection they will apply in collection. This is definitely possible after knowing the mass of metal present beneath the ground surface, which will be indicated with the signal strength.

Other features

The above outstanding features place the metal detector at par with other perfectly known good performance metal detectors. The metal detector can however shift to automatic mode in ground balance which is good as automatic mode applies all sets of modes. Collectors that are using the metal detector on balanced ground will find the equipment extremely useful with efficient services that match up to other metal detectors. The metal detector also has three adjusting knobs for sensitivity, discrimination threshold and volume control.


Most buyers who employ this detector in their metal hunting endeavors have good things to say about the detector. The detector can also detect gold, silver, copper, aluminum, platinum and other forms of metal found beneath the ground surface.

American Hawks Explorer2 Metal Detector

  • Dimensions: 34 x 6 x 10 inches
  • Frequency: 6.6 kHz approx
  • Two 9V batteries required (included)
  • Easy to Use
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