Good Places to Go for Metal Detecting

Good Places to Go for Metal DetectingOverview

Having bought a metal detector, the next step is to find good places to hunt for treasure. A good site for treasure hunting with a metal detector is an area that has been used by people for a long period of time. Other areas where it is likely to find treasure are areas that have been recently used by thousands of people in recent times.

In every locality or region, there are areas of natural events or human activity that offer great potential for metal detecting. These include beaches, parks, gardens, and abandoned sites. Before going to hunt for treasure with a metal detector, it is advisable to seek permission from the relevant people. There are many items that can be found with a metal detector. These include coins, gold nuggets, lost jewellery, and ancient relics of old civilizations.


Before setting out to go metal detecting, it is good to look for sources that might give information on old sites. These may include mining reports, local town plans, and elders. Old people have very valuable information on the playing grounds, swimming holes and hunting zones that used to be there before things changed. Armed with such information, these are some of the good places to go for metal detecting.

The beach

Most beaches are either private or public and permission can be obtained from the owner or from local authorities. Permits granted for metal detecting on the beach are for the offshore only. Beaches are good places to go metal detecting. There are numerous human activities that have taken place over the years.

People doing sports, running around, or even lying around might have dropped some rings, coins, or even chains from their pockets or from their fingers. If it is during the holidays season, the best time to go there is before sunset before the beach is occupied or immediately the crowd has left for the day. After a storm has taken place, there is a possibility that objects which had been lodged underwater are now brought to the shore or closer to the surface.


Most people have gardens or backyards. It is easy to find artifacts, relics, coins, toys or other historic items on gardens. Gardens are places for relaxing, playing and socializing. During such activities, people could have dropped some things over the years. a house may have been built on historic land without the occupants knowledge. Therefore metal detecting might unearth some treasures that might be valuable. Houses located on older gardens are also good places to go for metal detecting.

Commons and Parks

Good Places to Go for Metal DetectingIt is always good to seek for permission when trying to enter parks for metal detecting. Some local authorities in some places do not allow metal detecting without licenses. To avoid collision with the authorities or confiscation of the metal detector it is advisable to follow the laid down rules of the treasury act and code of conduct. These are areas that offer some of the greatest potential in making good finds.

Over the past years, parks have been utilized for various activities such as circuses, fairs, fates, and concerts. Some commons were used during the world wars as shooting ranges thus full of old bullets. To make metal detecting in these places worth the time, it is good to try and establish where activities were concentrated. These may be underneath the big trees, near the swings or around benches.


Farmers’ fields are one of the most popular places to go for treasure hunting with a metal detector. Most of the greatest treasures and finds have been found in fields. During ploughing and rotivation, the buried things that were underneath are brought closer to the surface. The only setback that may happen is damage of the artifacts by the digging machinery.

Ploughed fields are easy to dig and look for treasure since the soil is loose. The only problem that might occur is obtaining permission from the farmer who owns the land. It is also good to sign an agreement with the farmer with regards to how the treasures found will be split.
Land has been used for many activities over the past. These include burial sites, roman camps, trading sites, and training grounds. It is recommended to undertake a research of the land first to identify its history. With old maps of the land, it is easy to identify footpaths or trails that might not be there presently.

Woods and Footpaths

Good Places to Go for Metal DetectingThey are regarded as public, what it means is that the land owner has given right of way to the public. It does not mean it is public land. Public footpaths are good places to go for metal detecting. However, it is good to identify the owner of the land through which the path passes and seek permission.

Throughout the years, people have been using these footpaths or walking with their dogs. Metallic objects might have been dropped during these up and down movements. Again, public woodlands are potential places to go metal detecting. These are places where old arrow heads or pieces of hunting equipment can be found.


Churches are ideal places where some of the oldest coins can be found. This is based on the fact that churches are some of the oldest buildings in the community. Some were even built many centuries ago after the first homes in the area. Every Sunday, worshippers would gather in those churches carrying offering in the form of coins and other treasures. The best place to find old coins in churches is under old trees. This is where people would rest under the shade or children would play. Apart from coins, old relics can also be found in the backyard of churches.

Deserted towns

There are many deserted towns or settlements in many places countrywide. Old mining or transportation towns hold hoards of treasure. However, some might have been turned into protected areas by the government with some restrictions. With the required permission, deserted towns can be good places to go for metal detecting. With the trading activities that used to happen, it is possible to find old coins.


A metal detector can locate lots of hidden treasure when used in the right places. As indicated above, the best locations to go for metal detecting are those old places that have been used for many years. Good research will identify such sites and permission has to be obtained for those areas that are protected by law including private properties.