How to Choose a Metal Detector That Works for Me?

How to Choose a Metal Detector That Works for MeFor those of you who are just getting started on treasure hunting, you are probably looking for the perfect metal detector. For a newbie, other implements that one will require are a shovel and a bag to carry any precious discoveries. When asking for advice from an expert, one should be very careful. For one, such an expert has many years behind him or her using the detectors. As such, he or she may have developed a liking for a particular model. However, this does not mean it is the best model. One needs to conduct his or her own research before taking the word of an ‘experienced’ treasure hunter.

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Frequency of Use

When purchasing a metal detector, one needs to determine how often they will use it. If it is just for a weekend of treasure hunting, then there is no need for purchasing an expensive model. A simple model will do just fine. However, if one has decided to make metal detecting part of their life, it would be a good idea to invest in a great metal detector that has many features. Obviously, such a metal detector will cost more money.

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The Type of Users

For instance, one may purchase a metal detector for use by the family on a camping trip. If this is the case, one needs to purchase an adjustable metal detector. This will make it easier for young children to use. In addition, one needs to consider their height. An adjustable metal detector will make the task much more bearable. It will be very tiring if one has to bend over in order to search for precious pieces. As such, one needs to make sure they purchase a detector that suits their height and others.

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The Location of Use

Some metal detectors come with ground balancing. This makes it easier to use in soils that have a high concentration on soils. However, some of these detectors are designed for use only in one place. As a result, one needs to make sure they purchase a detector that can be adjusted for different areas. If one plans to use the detector one place only, on the beach for instance. There would be no need for purchasing an expensive detector suited for different soil types. This will also cut down the cost significantly. In addition, if one is going on a hiking trip, where car passage is not possible, one needs to consider portability. If the metal detector is too heavy, it might prove a challenge to carry the contraption. Such a trip would require that one carries a very light detector.

Upgrade Know-How

Maybe one had an interest in metal detectors but it later died off. Since then, metal detector technology has undergone something of a revolution. If one walks into a hobbyist’s shop without proper knowledge, they might be sold a relic. One needs to conduct as much research as possible; as a result, they know they are getting the best deal possible. Information on the latest innovations is readily available on the internet. Each year, someone or the other discovers a way to make the detectors more accurate. By doing a simple survey, the best features will immediately become obvious.

What Exactly Is One Looking For?

How to Choose a Metal Detector That Works for MeSometimes people who purchase metal detectors have specific knowledge about a certain treasure. Depending on the composition of the treasure, there are metal detectors that are designed specifically for this task. However, they may not work well for other metals. For instance, if one is working on clearing land mines, there is a need to be careful about the type of detector purchased. Some detectors cannot detect the metallic composition of the material used in mines. A wrong purchase could see one walking around an area for months without any success. It is essential that one explain how exactly they plan to use the metal detector. In this way, the store owner can prove to be quite useful.

The Level of Experience

Metal detecting is like bike riding. Sometimes one needs to have the trainer on before they can be considered experienced metal detectors. For each level of experience, there is a metal detector available. However, the more simplified and sophisticated the detector is, the more expensive it will be. If one feels that they are experienced enough, there is no need for purchasing a specialized detector that is so simplified. However, inexperienced treasure hunters will need all the help they can get. Otherwise, the whole exercise might prove to be an effort in futility.

How Much Cash Do You Have?

Metal detecting is a craft that requires the use of specialized equipment. As a result, accuracy is only guaranteed with more money. In most cases, cheaper detectors also have less range and accuracy. However, this is not always the case. That is why knowledge about metal detecting is so essential. Sometimes, one may end up purchasing a flashy device that offers little functionality. Looks should not play any part when one is purchasing a metal detector. The only thing one needs to consider is how much value for money they are getting. Most inexperienced treasure hunters usually end up falling for the trick commonly used by manufacturers. The makers will launch a viral campaign that targets people who have no experience. It is important to take all considerations discussed above seriously.


Metal detecting is a very old craft. It especially gained prominence after the Second World War in an effort to clear mines. Since then, an entire eco-system has developed. This ecosystem is sustained by the supply and demand. As treasure-hunters, seek better metal detectors. Manufacturers commit more money to research. The result is that almost each year, an innovation is made in metal detecting so it becomes easier to find old treasures. There is no reason one should settle for anything less than the best when purchasing a metal detector. The market is very competitive in terms of pricing. All that is required to make a great purchase is a bit of research and patience.